Balkan Folk Dances in Dublin 

Leader and organiser 

Hello and thank you for stopping by! My name is Slavi Begov and I am the leader and organiser of the Balkan folk dances group in Dublin. Here is my story short.

The first folk dances I learnt from my mother even before I started school, although my father was the more prominent dancer at social events.

In the first year of school, my friends told me about the children folk dance ensemble in my hometown (in Southwestern Bulgaria). The teacher had to make an exception so I could start, as the group had already begun the dance season. For seven years, my teachers were dancers from the State folk ensemble “Pirin” - Blagoevgrad . They introduced me to rehearsals and choreographed folk dances. After a break during which I spent my time on study at school and university, I returned to folk dances by joining Youth folk ensemble “Gotse Delchev” - Varna for about three years.

When I moved to Ireland I had to take a break from active rehearsals. I kept my research in folk dances and looked for information on the Internet along with some personal training. In 2011, I completed a course in Bulgaria for leaders of groups for authentic folklore.

In 2014, my friends in Dublin shared that they would like me to teach them folk dances and we found a group for Bulgarian folk dances. Over the years, I met other enthusiasts from other countries and my interest in folk dances is now expanding to more regions of the Balkans.

One of the biggest challenges for me in the beginning was to find the energy for dances in the evenings, after work during the day. I had to break up the circle “home-work-home” on weekdays and my energy levels started getting better. At that time, I had to start looking from another point of view – the one of the teacher, not the student (just a dancer). That's why I had to reconsider many things about folk dances – most important one – what I am teaching. My search was taking me back to the authentic folk dances (away from the stage dances).

Over the years, I met other enthusiasts, from other countries and my interest in folk dances is now expanding to more regions of the Balkans.

I aim to direct the dancers to traditional style of dancing (as much as it is possible from modern day perspective); to take them back to more natural look and feel of the folk dances; to develop together a richer and more informed dance culture. I hope they will understand that folk dances are not just a fitness programme. These are dances that carry the cultural richness and creativity of Balkan people through folk music and characteristics of each region.

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